The association

The association

On the initiative of Marcus Pohl, Michael Gehrke, Basty Duellmann, Merten Wagnitz, Jörg Schiefke, Alex Schmidt and Marcus Pohl met on October 5th, 2014 on the 25th floor of the Frankfurt exhibition tower. On this day the association was launched, the goals and purpose of the association were discussed and the name was determined. After a legal and tax review, the articles of association were ready within 6 weeks.

The founding meeting took place on December 15, 2014 in Frankfurt. In addition to the above, Caro Dörr and Jenny Pohl came together and the founding round was complete.

v.l.t.r.: Martin Wagnitz, Jörg Schiefke, Caro Dörr, Sebastian Duellmann, Jennifer Pohl, Alexander Schmidt, Marcus Pohl.
(photo: Saskia Gaulke)

Purpose of the association (quote from the statutes)

Purpose of the association is the formation of a professional association of the self-employed service providers in the event industry. It is committed to protecting, making visible and promoting common interests.


The tasks of the association are:

  • gaining public attention and a basic understanding of the problems and interests of its members
  • preserving the status of self-employment oin the event industry
  • to advise members of the association on economic, tax, social and pension law issues
  • to enable and promote the exchange of information among members,
  • gaining political attention and influence on political topics and decisions that are relevant for the members of the association and the event industry at a whole.

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